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The adventures of a New Mistress
18 May 2010 @ 12:20 am

I feel like catwoman walking around with my flogger, for real. Twirling it in circles... cracking it on various things... can't wait for tomorrow. I'm going to scratch and bite and whip my pet into submission! I think I'm going to have him suck my cock, but I'm not going to fuck him with it just yet. Just face fucking for tomorrow, and some major intimidation. :p

I'm remembering the first ever real experience I had. I had known this person (let's call him Ed)...Ed... for a couple years, through mutual friends. We had had a vanilla encounter a couple years before, and I had mostly wanted to forget it if I could. He had confided in me about his subby kink all those years ago, but I wasn't aware of my dominance at the time and wasn't interested. Welll.... needless to say after the guy who introduced me to the idea of me being dominant (read older posts as well as below) got to me, I needed to seek out someone in real life who I could try this out on. I called up Ed. Asked if he wanted to hang out, not telling him my intentions. We met up, talked, and I teased him by making him get me a glass of water, holding it for me, etc. VERY light stuff... not even really talking about it. He MELTED nonetheless... he was puddy in my hands and I had only asked him to get me a glass of water. It felt amazing.

The next time I came over I felt more comfortable to try some new things. Made him get nude while I stayed clothed and we talked. Forced him to be my table while I rolled a blunt on his stomach, while tickling and pinching him but forcing him not to squirm. Punished him for making me drive over in the rain by making him stand on all fours and slapping his face and balls. I was actually pretty brutal :) He fucking loved it. I didn't let him touch his cock and I didn't touch him as well... it actually didn't end well though. He had a GF at the time, and felt guilty and basically kicked me out in the middle of it. He has too much fucking self loathing and shit going on. I still wanted to dom him even after that, though, because he was the only one I really knew in real life that was into this. I have a coupe times since, but am done with him I think. The last time I saw him in person I had zero desire to dominate him or even kiss him... platonic from hereon out I believe.

The guy I talked about who first introduced me to D/s has been told about this blog, and in turn I have been told that it turns him on that I'm writing about him in my blog. :) His name is Penguin on here until I can ask him if it's cool I use his real name. About a month ago I was having him be chaste for me in order to build up enough cum for him to fill a shot glass and take it for me. He didn't even go 24 hours before shooting me a text that said "I've been bad"... after a very DETAILED description of what he did to his asshole and cock without my permission I got very pissed that he couldn't fucking NOT WASTE AN ORGASM for 24 hours even for me. Am I not worth it? No, fuck it, I AM. I told him not to talk to me for a day as part of his punishment. The second part, along with beginning his chastity for me again, was he was to write me an essay on how pathetic and oversexed he is, and how amazing I am.

Here's his essay to me:

To Mistress,

 I'm sorry that i'm such a pathetic man slut. I know how sad it is that I can't go a few days without playing with my pussy or rubbing my clit, but i'm just such a stupid whore. I'm never happy unless my pussy is being filled up and abused and my clit is being stroked and squeezed and, if i'm lucky enough, licked. I just love dick up my slutty pussy. And fingers, and tongues. And i love to have my big ass slapped and pinched and scratched. It's just so hard for a dumb slut like me to resist these urges. All I can ever think about anymore is having my gorgeous and amazing Mistress mounting my man-pussy and fucking it until I scream with her massive black strap-ons. I'm just such a fucking whore for my Mistress. I'm such a total slut that my clit is huge and hard right now from reading this. I love degrading myself like this for you so much that it's throbbing and purple, and there's pre-cum dribbling out of it. I'm not touching it though. I promise I'm not. I know i'm a worthless slut but I want to be a perfect little bitchboy slave for you, so even though I want to stroke my clit so bad right now I won't. I refuse too. I won't make you angry again. I'm going to not touch it for days and days until the cum builds up inside it and I shoot out a massive load. Then I'm going to swallow every drop of that load for my Mistress like a good little slut boy. And I hope you'll reward me for being good by letting me shove a big black cock up my pussy while I do it, to make it even better for me.
         God I want to touch that big clit so bad right now. It's really sad how fucking pathetic I am. I can't even think about anything else. Those are always the three things that're on my mind twenty-four-seven; My Mistress, my man-pussy and my man clit. All I want to do is please my Mistress constantly and have her play with my pussy and clit constantly. I want to suck on my Mistress's big beautiful ass constantly. I want to just be buried under her perfect ass cheeks. I want my face shoved so far between them that I can't breathe and it's up to my Mistress whether I pass out or not. I know my Mistress has a sweet asshole and that i'm going to love sucking on it and shoving my tongue up inside it.
         And it would be heaven to worship your beautiful pussy. To have you wrap those amazing thighs around my head and put that pussy right over my mouth and not stop sucking and licking it until you told me to stop. And if my Mistress has to go she can piss in my mouth or all over my face and/or body whenever she wants. I'd love to be rewarded for sucking her good with a big load of her piss.
        If i'm REALLY lucky, and a really good little man slut, maybe Mistress will even let me suck on those absolutely amazing breasts of hers. I'd bury my face in them for days if she let me. I'd wrap my lips around those sexy nipples and not let go forever if she asked. I love everything about her beautiful body. All I want to do is please her, and i'll do it in any way she wants. If Mistress wants to shove things in my pussy and rape me hard until I cry and beg her to stop like a little bitch, then she can. If Mistress wants to see me with another one of her man sluts and take their big cocks in my pussy instead of Mistress's giant girl cock, then I'll please them just as good as i'd please her. If Mistress wants to step on my boy clit and kick my boy clit and whip my boy clit with belts, then i'll take it like a good little slut. If she wants me to scream and cry and beg her to stop I will, and if she wants me to shut up and take it like a man I will.
        I won't ever be a bad slut for my Mistress ever again. All I want to do is be a good slut, because I worship her, and I know that for as long as I worship her, she'll make sure I feel good all the time and take advantage of how slutty and oversexed her dumb slut it.
        My clit has been rock hard and throbbing this entire time, and I haven't touched it. And I won't, until Mistress tells me I can. Ever again. Because my clit is her clit. And my cum is her cum. And I do what she says. Like a good little bitch.

I like the amount of detail he want into :) And how he described me... I found this extremely romantic. I'm sick, I know...
The adventures of a New Mistress
17 May 2010 @ 04:15 pm
So a few weeks ago I ordered my first toys off the internet! It's kind of weird to me that I haven't given in to buying any since now... and now I have a HUGE LIST of toys I'd love to one day acquire. 

Some things on my list I need to still buy (hopefuly all vegan):

Collar and leash for my pet.
More casual permanent collar hean wear 24/7 when I'm not around
Wrist and ankle cuffs with locks
Spreader bars
Violet wand
Wartenberh Wheel

Anyhow... I've been waiting obsessively for the past couple weeks waiting for them to back-order something and have it shipped from Canada finally (just so happened the site was Canadian haha...) and I am so excited! I opened the box and have been all smiles since then. I've been walking around my room cracking the flogger over my legs and other parts of my body testing out different speeds and angles and ways of swinging it... it feels amazing. I am most excited about using it on my new pet. When I refer to my pet I'll always be talking about him here, since I don't want to use his name. He's fuckng amazing, though. We just met about a week ago (after chatting online for a couple weeks) and have already really hit it off. We've only "played" once, but our physical chemistry is so SPOT ON that I already know I want him collared to me and to be mine for a long time. Not to mention he's fucking hot, has an amazing personality with a lot in common with me... he's just overall boyfriend material on top of being an amazing sub. I couldn't be more excited.

I tied him up for the first time the other day. By that I mean... it was the first time I've EVER tied anyone up... He had some bondage hooks he screwed onto his bedpost, and me being such a newbie I had to ask him how to tie him up. The only thing we had was his bath robe tie but it worked :) He showed me like a sweetheart and the whole process was AMAZING... tying it tied... dragging my fingers down his body... Seeing him squirm and gasp as I used ice cubes and my fingers and palms all over him. I was having fun watching his scrotum shrink up when I put an ice cube on it, and then licking the cold area with my warm tongue.  I also sat on his face while he was tied up and forced him to make me cum on his face. Looking down at his beautiful eager eyes as most of his face was buried underneath my pussy... hearing him moaning "yes... yes..." while he ate me out and begging me with his eyes for me to cum... it was beautiful. FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.... Ahhh.... I see him again tomorrow, his little ass is in trouble!!!!

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The adventures of a New Mistress
17 May 2010 @ 12:06 am
I'm an early 20-something living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've awoken to my kink recently and have been able to start exploring the dominant side of my sexuality. I'm having a blast having experiences, learning new things every single day about my kinks and fetishes. I thought I could use this journal to just document my thoughts and experiences. I'm going to try and keep it as anonymous as possible, though I don't know how successful I'll be I think it's important to respect the people I play with in that sense.

Even though I've had kinky friends all throughout my life and had been "exposed" to kink a couple of years beforehand, the way I found out I had a real interest in D/s play was through someone simply asking me to dominate them! It was a friend I'd known via the internet for a couple years who I met off of a message board we were both active on, completely unrelated to kink... just some dumb site. He randomly asked me to dominate him one night and I was kind of just like... "Whaaaaat?" As in... what did that even entail? He asked me where I wanted him to cum and that sparked something inside of me. Where did I want him to cum??? The answer came to me: on his pillow. So I made him take a picture of it, then sleep in it that night so when he woke up he'd smell his own cum under his nose for me. I was AWAKE finally!! I felt all warm and fuzzy and lightheaded and giddy... and... I knew now that I would never be able to look back. Since then I've taken on a few subs, some of them ex boyfriends, some I've met via the internet and met up in real life... More on those encounters later when I have time.

For now, Hi.